A slightly industrial interior, a bar with Bochnia salt crystals and a fireplace all create a unique atmosphere. In a separate part of the restaurant, called the Wine Cellar, there is a prototype, easily accessible, refrigerated glass cabinet with about 1,000 bottles of wine.



In the Bochnia Gallery, in the heart of one of the oldest towns in Lesser Poland, a unique place was created inside a historical, nineteenth-century building. A place that will enchant its guests with the taste of seasonal dishes prepared with the use of top-quality regional products and a wealth of carefully selected wines.


100 Best Restaurant

Moments of culinary pleasure are enhanced by professional service and casual atmosphere of the place. Salina Restaurant is a place where every meeting is unique. Our staff makes sure that the plates offer beautiful images created with passion and respect for the products, and that a memorable taste stays in your memory for a long time.

odczaruj_gary_logoOdczaruj Gary!

Times are such that we are caught up in the machinery of momentum, smartphones, Internet and fashion. We simply yearn for the naturalness of the countryside, and our childhood scents and flavors. The Blogger Tour around Krakow and Bochnia and the culinary visit to the Salina Restaurant reminded me how much I miss the taste of sorrel soup and cold soup.

czosnek_w_pomidorachCzosnek w Pomidorach

Last weekend was full of sensations. Mostly culinary sensations, which is what I like most. Thanks to the invitation to the Salina Restaurant in Bochnia, our noble group of bloggers went on a trip in search of new flavors and culinary spots in Poland…


Wrząca Kuchnia

An increasing number of people in Poland are involved in gastro-tourism, which in my opinion is a name that best corresponds to the situation when you choose a new location, with checking where and what to eat being one of the main things you pay attention to…